Hydroponic Lighting Systems Eastbourne

Complete your hydroponic set up with the right lights or lighting system. At Eastbourne Hydroponics, we stock a range of different lighting products for you to choose from to ensure that you have everything you need to provide the right level of lighting for your plants. Do you have plants that need high levels of lighting or are you looking for something with a low heat signature? You’ll find all the options available from our store at prices to beat your budget!

Explaining Hydroponics

You might be new to the field of hydroponics and eager to get started with the right set up. With hydroponics, you will be creating a customised, personalised growing space for your plants, shrubs, veg or fruit to thrive.

Lighting, of course, plays a major part in creating the right environment. To grow, most plants will require the right level of lighting and some will even need light without a high level of heat. Lighting must also be evenly spread and completely adjustable. With the systems we provide, you will find it easy to create the ultimate lighting setup for your growing area.

Choose The Ultimate Lighting For You Need

On our store, you can choose from a range of products with different wattages from 90-1000W! You’ll be able to find the ideal power output level that you want for your lighting.

Alternatively, you can find a lower heat signature 600W variable digital ballast lighting system too. We aim to provide all the hydroponics lighting systems Eastbourne gardeners might need.

Get The Best Energy Saving Lighting

You will also find LED rooting, grow & bloom lamps from our store. With LED lighting you can keep the energy cost of your hydroponic setup under complete control. LEDs use a fraction of the energy of regular lights and also emit less heat. As such, you’ll find it far easier to control your energy levels and the temperature of the environment itself with this kit.

Get Shades And Other Accessories

You can find a range of different accessories for your lighting equipment as well including shades such as Aerowings, Dutch Barn shades, and Adjusta Wing. This is just one of the ways you can optimise your growing environment with additional lighting equipment.

Not Sure What You Need?

We can help? With expert staff on site, we can provide you the support and advice that you need for the ideal lighting set up regardless of your hydroponics need. We can advise you based on the type of plants your growing as well as the rest of your hydroponics system.

Get In Touch Today?

If you have any questionings about the hydroponic lighting systems in Eastbourne that we stock or you’re interested in learning more about how to complete the right set up, contact us today. A friendly member of staff is always on hand to help with any and all of your needs.

With our own stop shop for hydroponics, you’ll find everything you want for your hydroponic gardening including lighting, grow tents and so much more. 

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