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Welcome to Eastbourne Hydroponics! We are a company that is based in Eastbourne, and specialize in all of your hydroponic needs!

So, if you are new to this term, what exactly is hydroponics? It is the procedure and system of growing plants in things other than soil and earth, for example, gravel sand and liquids. They can have all sorts of uses, whether it’s in-home or on an industrial scale, Hydroponics is becoming a very sought after industry.

Hydroponic Nutrients are one of the areas that we serve in this industry! There are many different makes and variations of hydroponic nutrients that are available in today’s industry. It would be impossible to stock every single kind! When you think that most people are really cultivating something in which grows naturally, without any additions or assistance, it begs to mention why the industry has become as complicated as it has done! Since as a company, we believe that most of the available nutrients on the market are essentially very similar to each other we don't stock every single kind. Even so, the variety we stock is still quite good.

By far, the leading brand range for the industry is a company called Canna. We have their complete range in all different sizes. Here, we recommend the full BAC range together with Atami, Bcuzz, Bio Bizz, and Ionic. All of these basic nutrients require the addition of certain additives at different stages of the growing cycle. For specialty growers, we have the Focus range of nutrients for Chillies, Orchids, Olives, Citrus plants & Roses

Other areas that we cover as a business, are the likes of lights, growing tents, environmental controls and systems to help control and deter pests and diseases.

Our extensive knowledge and collection of grow systems also set us apart from other companies working within the industry of Hydroponics. We offer a number of different systems that are designed to suit everyone’s individual needs and favorite methods of growing. Many live to use soil or coca, which can be a more forgiving method of growing, while the most experienced tend to use NFT, Flood, and Drain or the Wilma systems. We stock all of these systems and more, so we can cater for all levels of experience within the hydroponic realm!

After being in this business for so long, we know full well the importance of being fully rounded, always for you service. We cover all the basics of hydroponics, so if you want to make sure your equipment and nutrients and your growing tents and more match to a certain standard, then we can supply you with everything you need. It is always a great feeling when stress has been lifted from your shoulders, so do not make your next hydroponic project make you stressed. We have you covered, with all the equipment and know-how that you could possibly need.

To conclude, if we don't have something you're looking for we can always order it on your behalf for delivery in 2 or 3 days. We are open 6 days a week, so come and discuss your requirements and see what we have to offer, it is the least we can do. So, make sure you come to Eastbourne Hydroponics for your one-stop-shop solution for all of your Hydroponic needs! We are open 6 days a week.


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