Every successful grower needs good equipment to ensure he or she obtains the best results. If you decide to practise cloning then we have a large range of products to help you achieve what you want. You should take your cuttings from the middle third of your 'mother plant'. That's not to say cuttings from other parts won't succeed - it's just that this middle third is best. Use a rooting hormone such as Clonex or Greenfuse and then place in rockwool plugs, soil or an Aeroponic propagator such as the X-Stream 12, 20, 36 or 102 pot system.

If growing in plugs or soil maintain a high humidity and warmish temperature by using a propagator - either heated or unheated - we stock a large range. When rooted, transfer the cutting to the system which you've decided to use - NFT, flood and drain, Wilmas, Autopots - whatever suits you best. Again, we stock all the equipment and mediums you need to ensure successful cloning.

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