Pests & Diseases

pests & diseases

At some stage most growers will experience one or more of the following:-spider mite, fungus gnat, thrips, white fly, pythium, botrytis, powdery mildew, mould etc. Some diseases indicate an environmental problem (excess humidity, poor air circulation, excess water temperature) and can be cured with greater attention to the underlying causes together with an application of products such as Microbial, Rot Stop, Liquid Oxygen etc.

Pests present a different problem - particularly Spider Mite -and here only certain products have any degree of effectiveness against them, such as Plant Vitality, Gnat Off and again, Microbial. On any air intake it is recommended to fit an Air Sock - this filters out unwanted visitors and could prevent the loss of a crop.

We stock a good range of equipment and products as detailed above which help prevent problems before they start.

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