Grow Systems

There are a number of systems available nowadays to suit everybody's own particular favourite method of growing. Growing in soil or coca is a more forgiving way of growing, while the more experienced or confident grower can use NFT, flood and drain or the Wilma systems - We stock them all.

We were amongst the very first hydroponic shops in the UK to realise the benefits of the Autopot System, . Used throughout the commercial farming industry too, it remains a top seller.

We have various sizes of the GT range of NFT tanks from 2ft up to 8ft in length complete with pumps, corex covers and spreader mats.

The Wilma systems are also popular and we stock the complete range.

Naturally we have a large stock of Cutilene or Grodan plugs and blocks, plus Jiffy plugs, Coca, Lava soil, Bio Bizz Allmix, Clay Pebbles and Dia Hydro, together with a range of pots ranging in size from 1 litre up to 18 litres.


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