Further Additives

Apart from the common additives already mentioned, there are a number of other products to fine-tune and improve the health and strength of your plants. There are the Dry Flower products:- No1 providing a nitrogen boost, No2 providing Black Humic, No3 known as Liquid Gold Fulvic and No4 used as a flushing agent.

Superthrive is well advertised as a miracle plant growth and stimulator. It works, but scientific comment and proof is hard to come by.

Halo is a relative newcomer but there is a wealth of evidence to prove that it increases photosynthesis, improves defence mechanisms and increases bud size and flavour - we thoroughly recommend this product
Liquid Silicon is used to promote strong cell growth and can be used to lower the Ph value of a nutrient mixture too. 

Nitrozyme is useful for cloning as it stimulates heathy growth at the branch tips. Spray it on the plant 2 weeks prior to taking cuttings.  

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