Common Additives

There are a huge number of additives available to protect, stimulate and promote growth and flowering in plants.

In the Canna range we have:- Rhizotonic, Boost Accelerator, Cannazym, PK13/14, Flush - all in 250ml, 1 litre and 5 litre sizes. We also have the Canna trace elements:- Calcium, Iron, Magnesium, Nitrogen, Phosphor, Potassium and Trace Mix.

In the BAC range we have Root and Bloom stimulators, Super Bud Booster, Foliar Spray, Final Solution, Pro-active and Friendly Bacteria - again all in various sizes (60ml, 120ml and 300ml) to suit all budgets.
From B'Cuzz we stock Bloombastic, Hydro Booster, Bloom Stimulator, Root Stimulator, Atazym, Atami PK13/14, Atami Ata-XL and Ata Clean.

Finally, from  Bio Bizz we stock Top Max, Fish Mix, Alg.A.Mic, Bio Heaven and Leaf Coat.

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