Hydroponic ducting

Hydroponic ducting

Hydroponic ducting is used during your Soilless growing to filter and ventilate your system. It is a cost-effective method and it connects your fans and filters to a specialised system which often come in different sizes dependent upon your needs. Any queries or questions can be asked to provide each buyer with the information needed to make valuable and good decisions when buying any of the kits mentioned below. There are a few different types of ducting. Some of which include the following:

Aluminium Ducting

Combi Flexible Fan Ducting uses aluminium and polyester on its inner shell, these are supported by reliable and highly strong steel wire helix, which provides protection. It proves flexible ventilation and this product is both airtight and resistant against any environment inside the grow room, including hot or cold temperatures, pressures and different systems used. The combi flexible ducting ensures there is no dust or dirt collection and with it being a lightweight product, it takes very minimal effort to install. This type of Hydroponic ducting are usually used to connect inline fans with Carbon filters, flanges, elbows and spigots. The aluminium ducting also uses semi-rigid ducts so they are minorly flexible but perhaps not as strong as the Phonic Trap.

Acoustic Ducting
Synonymous with the name acoustic, this system is sound friendly, it provides a huge reduction in the noise pollution that some ventilation fans may produce, which is a good choice for residential grow areas. It is created from a perforated inner core, in which the ducting is punched with mutlitple holes and wrapped in a layer of glass-fibre. This is then closed in by a further layer of aluminium foil and it is proven to lessen any sound by around 40-60% and can be made to size. It is helpful for any indoor growth systems and a carbon filter can be installed also. Acoustic ducting is three layers thick and does not use any glass wool. This means it is extra durable, and with a strong inner core it does not easily bend at all therefore retains it shape.

Phonic Trap Ducting
Another type of Hydroponic ducting is Phonic Trap Ducting, a silent, effective way to help your grow room work quietly and efficiently. It has incredible benefits, some of which include noise reduction caused by airflow, efficient due to flexible materials, non-allergenic, a durable sleek design which is a competent system and is available in different sizes. Phonic Trap Ducting was first created in Europe, used in heating and air condition and the outer layer is made from layered aluminium which minimises any obstructions and allows air to flow freely without any additional pressure on your fan. It fits directly over your extractor fan or filter and is held in place with a duct clip and the ducting can be directly run to your air outlet/inlet. This would perhaps be best suited to people working in quieter environments or within their homes to avoid noise disruption or issues with sound whilst using their Hydroponic systems.

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